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Dear Sir,

Masonry Universal Lodge No. 40 is one of four English-speaking Lodges under the auspices of the Grand Lodge Alpina of Switzerland, a regular Grand Lodge recognized by other Grand Lodges around the world.

If you are interested in becoming a Freemason, and would like to become a member of
Masonry Universal Lodge, the first steps are set out below.

As a first stage, you should send a one-page synopsis of your current CV together with a
Letter of Motivation – a few paragraphs explaining your interest in and expectations from Masonry and, in particularly, why you wish to join an English-speaking Lodge. You should also send us a copy of your
Swiss police record (“extrait de casier judiciaire”) and Extrait de Poursuit, which you can obtain on-line.

It is important for us that your interest in Masonry extends to the longer-term and not just as a passing "hobby"; you would be expected to participate in our Lodge's program of meetings and activities on a regular basis (2-3 Monday evenings each month, September to June). A regular attendance is essential for you to appreciate and benefit from all that Masonry has to offer, as well as to get to know other members and feel comfortable with them. We are currently enjoying a high level of demand, with more candidates than we have meetings available for their Initiation. This means that we may have some substantial waiting time, so you would need to be patient. However, we can, and do, meet informally with candidates, and there are a few Lodge events during this period to which you would be welcome.
This would provide you with an opportunity to meet other members of our Lodge.

There are about 12 French-speaking Lodges in Geneva and, as indicated above, there are three other English-speaking Lodges which you may find more convenient:

• Cosmopolitan Lodge No. 43 in Zurich
• St Andrews Lodge No. 83 in Basel
• St George’s Lodge No. 85 in Morges

We suggest that you give the matter some thought. Then, if you believe you will be in Geneva long enough, that our location and the English language are the best match for you, and are still seriously interested, send an e-mail to attaching the three documents mentioned above. This will enable us to evaluate your application in more detail and arrange an initial meeting with you. Or if you wish to pursue one of the alternative options, you may also respond to this e-mail address with details of your interest.

We hope this provides you with enough information as a first stage and look forward to hearing from you soon.

The Secretary, Masonry Universal Lodge No. 40

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