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Augusto Giacometti

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Masonry Universal Lodge No. 40
Geneva, Switzerland

3 rue Firmin-Massot,
1206 Geneva

MUL logo.png
Grand Lodge Alpina of Switzerland

Jupiterstrasse 40
3015 Bern
Tel. 031 705 00 60
Fax 031 705 00 69

Image by Xavier von Erlach
Other Lodges and Masonic Resources

Regular Freemasonry has existed in Switzerland for more than 200 years. With over 80 Lodges to choose from across Switzerland, as well as those in neighbouring countries, the visiting Mason has a wide choice.

There are four Lodges working in English within the Grand Lodge Alpina of Switzerland:


  • Masonry Universal Lodge No 40 in Geneva (working Emulation ritual)

  • Cosmopolitan Lodge No 43 in Zurich (working Emulation ritual)

  • St Andrews Lodge No 83 in Basel (working Scottish standard ritual)

  • St George's Lodge No 85 in Morges (working Emulation ritual)

Links to these Lodges can be found on the right.

In Geneva there are 13 Lodges (including our daughter Lodge Hiram) working several different traditions in French, as well as our own Lodge working Emulation in English. 

Just across the border in France, you will find a similar structure in the Province of Dauphiné-Savoie under the auspices of the Grande Loge Nationale Française, which also includes a Lodge (Flumen Luminis) working Emulation in English.

Lodges in various other orders can also be found in Switzerland, including the Royal Arch, Mark, and Royal Ark Mariners.

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